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About Prime Performance


Prime Performance was set up in 2019 with the sole intention of providing evidence-based coaching to those wanting to improve their overall health & fitness, maximize their performance in their chosen sport or get the most out of their body both during and after having a child! 

Our coaches are extremely qualified - ranging from BSCs degrees in Sports Science & Health to being Pre & Post Natal Training specialists we can guarantee you get the best results possible! We’ve worked with all levels of individuals - from national & international level athletes to general population clients - meaning no matter what your level of fitness we’ll help you along your journey!

With a range of training options - including personal training, semi-private training, pre/post natal training, online coaching & much more  - you’ll be sure to find a service that suits your schedule, goals, and budget.

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Meet Our Coaches:
Luke Walsh

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  • Our head coach & owner Luke has a wealth of experience in the industry and has been coaching both high-level athletes & general population clients for nearly 7 years! With a wide range of qualifications - including a BSCs degree in Sports Science & Health, an accreditation as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, and a qualified Specialist in Pre & Post Natal Training - you'll be guaranteed high-level coaching and great results working with him!

  • Lukes passion for coaching comes from watching people achieve things they thought were out of their reach initially - whether it be on the field/in their chosen sport or simply improving their day to day quality of life! With this mentality you'll be guaranteed to reach new levels of performance and enjoy the process along the way!

Meet Our Coaches:
Chloe Boyd

  • Our coach Chloe brings high-energy & high-level coaching like nobody else to our gym! With qualifications in Pre & Post Natal training, Kettlebell Coaching & an overall  Personal Training Certification, Chloe places an emphasis on providing evidence-based and enjoyable coaching to all levels of fitness! With a vast amount of experience behind her Chloe will ensure you are pushed to your limits and get the results you want whilst enjoying the journey along the way!

  • Chloe's passion for coaching comes from ensuring the gym adds a positive element to her clients days and isn't viewed as a chore that has to be completed!  With this mentality you'll always be ensured a great workout and to leave the gym with a smile on your face!

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