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Our Services

Find Out What Exactly We Do In Our Studio Below!


Personal Training

A 100% Personalised Training & Nutrition Plan That Will Help You Reach Your Goals! 

Our personal training services are like no other! Our private studio means that you will avoid the rush & busyness of a commercial gym to ensure you get the highest level of personal training and instruction possible.

Our coaches will provide you with a tailored training/fitness plan to ensure you are getting stronger, fitter, and healthier overall. You'll be guaranteed to perform each exercise correctly when it comes to technique, and as a result, you'll have the confidence to lift heavier and push yourself more in your sessions!

Alongside this, you'll be guided through your personalised nutrition plan and given some top tips on improving your overall lifestyle choices! 

Semi-Private Group Classes

Our Small Group Classes Will Ensure You Get A Great, Time Efficient Full Body Workout Each Time You Attend!

With a maximum of 6 people per session, you'll be guaranteed individual attention from our coaches to ensure you get the most from each workout!

We offer 3 different types of group classes: Strength Training Sessions, Conditioning Sessions, and Hybrid Sessions. 

Our strength training sessions involve a variety of exercises that target your entire body, including your core! You'll get stronger and gain confidence in how to correctly perform all movements - including squats and deadlifts!

Our conditioning sessions are a high-intensity cardio workout! You'll be guaranteed a high-energy sweat session, that will leave you feeling accomplished and energized on completion!

Our hybrid sessions are a mix of our strength training sessions and our conditioning sessions that give you the best of both worlds! A circuit-style workout, involving strength and cardio exercises will leave you feeling pumped and exhilarated!

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Online Coaching

Remote Coaching For Those Wanting Personal Training At A Fraction Of The Cost!

Not local to the Dublin 18 area? Or currently a member of a gym but lack guidance and accountability of having a personal trainer? Then online coaching is the perfect option for you!

Our online coaching supplies all the benefits of our personal training services - the only difference is it's performed remotely!

You'll be supplied with a tailored gym program, nutritional support, technique reviews on your lifts, and weekly check-ins with our coaches!

On top of this, you'll have access to our education hub where we help you learn key concepts around nutrition & training that will help guide you through your journey and answer any questions you might have!

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