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Train in a safe, and effective manner during pregnancy and postpartum.

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Should I be training while I am pregnant...? Is it safe for me and for the baby to exercise...?

The lack of knowledge and general misinformation regarding exercise during pregnancy is enormous today and often leaves mums to be feeling extremely anxious and confused about the whole topic in general. That is why we are delighted to bring an evidence-based approach to training the pre-natal female.

The phrase "we don't want to be our weakest when at our heaviest" is a fantastic mentality to have when it comes to training when pregnant. Our coaches will design, implement and execute the perfect training and nutrition plan tailored to your specifics needs and requirements to ensure that you are at your strongest, healthiest, and happiest throughout your pregnancy.

If you'd like to learn more about our prenatal training plans, please contact us and we would be delighted to help you during this exciting time. 


Having a child is one of the most physically demanding acts in the world and it definitely takes its toll on your body, both physically and mentally!


In order to deal with the day-to-day physicality of motherhood/parenthood you need to be physically strong and capable! 

It is with this mentality that we approach our post-natal training! We take an in-depth and evidence-based approach to ensure you body recovers fully, from our detailed diastasis recti checks to our core recovery protocols we give our new mum’s the upmost best service to ensure they can cope with the newest addition to the family and aim to get back to all their favourite activities they enjoyed before they were pregnant!

If you’d like to learn more about our post-natal training options don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be sure to help you along your journey of getting back to your pre-pregnancy self!

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Is it safe for me and the baby to train when pregnant?

Yes! Research has shown it is completely safe for both you and your baby to exercise whilst pregnant once it’s under the guidance of a professional! In fact, it can be of huge benefit to both you, in terms of recovering from labour, and your baby, in terms of being born a healthy weight and numerous other important health measures! We 100% recommend it!

How soon can I start training after having my baby?

Generally speaking, it’s 6-8 weeks post labour that you can return back to exercise. We do require all our clients to receive medical clearance first though from their doctor/GP before returning to the gym. However, we do provide a number of breathing specific and gentle core exercises that are acceptable to perform as soon as the individual feels comfortable that can really benefit and speed up the post labour recovery process!

I’ve no experience / I am new to training? Should I still start training when I’m pregnant?

Yes absolutely! Our coaches consider your past training history and will tailor a training & nutrition plan with your current abilities in mind! You can and will benefit hugely from beginning exercise during pregnancy!

I still have diastasis recti AND / OR pelvic floor issues following labour. Can I return to exercise

Yes absolutely! Once you have been given medical clearance from your doctor / GP you are perfectly fine to return to regular exercise under the guidance of our trainers! We have specific core and pelvic floor protocols that are designed to help and heal these common issues that occur as a result of pregnancy and labour!

What does pre-natal exercise look like? And What will the training consist of?

We want to ensure you are healthy, strong and ready to give birth to your baby and then care for them with ease! We place a large focus on developing a strong and resilient core, as well as performing “ADL’s” which stand for “Activities of Daily Living”. Both elements will help you through the birthing process and then recover as quickly as possible, as well as ensuring you can perform all the necessary activities with your new baby! This approach will of course be modified as you progress through your pregnancy under the guidance of our trainers to ensure you and your baby are given the upmost care at all times!

What does post-natal training look like? And What will the training consist of?

Our aim with post-natal training is simple! - To get your body fully recovered after labour, help manage and heal any issues that may have occurred as a result of pregnancy/labour and finally, get you back doing the activities you loved before you were pregnant! We approach these goals with a well-rounded strength training program that our coaches will outline for you when you get started with us!

Still have some questions? Please get in touch with us and we would be happy to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

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